Rules & Regulation

  • Each Student is required to Sign on admission, a declaration regarding discipline and conduct as per Provision of the act and staute of the University.
  • if any candidates secures admission on the basis of fake declarations or as a result of any mistake his/her admission shall be void of initio and the same will be cancelled as soon as the fact is detected. Action may also be taken against the defaulting candidates as per the University/College rules.
  • The College reserves the right to change or modify the rules and regulations of the admission or alter the number of Seats alloted to each Programme of Courses.
  • Applicants seeking admission to more than one Programme in the College have to Submit Separate application forms.
  • The percentage of marks in the Qualifying Examination shall be read without rounding of the percentage.
  • Candidates against whom any disciplinary action has been taken at any stage in his/her earlier academic career shall not be admitted to any course in this College.